Nikob Engineering is established in 2003 in Skopje by Dr. Blagoja Nikolovski and Jovica Nikolovski. During this period the company established itself as a serios client oriented company in Macedonia and the region.

From idea to realization:


Dr. Blagoja Nikolovski, a doctor by vocation, is a man who likes challenges and risks. After many years of experience in the area of medicine, trade and banking in Macedonia and other countries, and inspired by the various beautiful sites that left impression on him from the cities he operated in, he decided to do something for his hometown of Skopje. He had a dream to invest in something as his legacy to the future generations and as a symbol of a urban society. In 1998 the right idea came along. He started the construction of a luxury residential complex on a total area of 33.000m2 with a total of 8.600m2 living area. The complex includes two artificial lakes, a waterfall and vast green areas with various horticulture, swimming pool, playgrounds etc.

“The idea to do something like this in Macedonia was conceived by my many travels around Europe. The interior design is mine, while the general design of the buildings was done by professional architects. The idea was to make a unique residential complex which would become a symbol of the city” – Blagoja Nikolovski

2000 - 2002

Dr. Nikolovski completely reconstructs the complex in 2.5 years. His aim is to be sure his legacy stands in a good place.
In 2002, the preparations for reconstruction of the residential complex and new construction of segments began. In those days, the construction company “Vodostopanstvo” was selected to be the lead in the new project as it was the company which originally build it in the period 1998-2000. The employees and the engineers were well acquainted with the old project could handle to implement the reconstruction in the shortest possible period.
During the execution of the projects, the company “Vodostopanstvo” dealt with severe financial and operational problems which brought the construction works to a halt. At that moment, the investor Nikolovski decides to form a construction company “Nikob Inzinering” and bring in part of the emplyees of “Vodostopanstvo”.

“I like challenges in life. They give me confidence to be able to do something more, to leave more behind, simply to contribute and that is stronger than anything else” – Blagoja Nikolovski

2002– 2003

Registration of “Nikob Inzinering” as a construction company with the Macedonian authorities. The first project in 2003 was the design, construction and reconstruction of parts of the luxury residential complex “Sv. Jovan” in Zlokukjani with an area of 33.000m2.